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Awesome news folks, “Troublemaker” entered #16 on Roots Music Report: Top 50 Blues Song Chart in USA

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Check out who else is on Top 50





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MBBS at FBA by Satu Leppänen 2

Q&A with Finnish bluesman Micke Bjorklof (& Blue Strip) – one of the most popular roots & blues acts in Scandinavia
“Blues music connects and brings people together on many levels all around the world. Learning about the history of the music you also learn about the culture. You should never underestimate the power of music.”

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Exclusive interview with Micke Bjorklof at Live from Midnight Circus – Making A Scene!!!

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Listen to the exclusive interview

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Just got some very cool news from USA, “Ain´t Bad Yet” debuted as #30 at Roots Music Report Blues Top50 chart




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